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"You say you're just ordinary people? I say you're warriors of the Rebellion!"

Bow encouraging the three Entrapta confectioners to stop the princess's robots.
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Bow is one of the main characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. He's an archer and tech master in the Rebellion and is Glimmer's best friend.




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When Bow meets Adora, he is with Glimmer, who notices that she is a Horde soldier, they try to stop her from reaching the Sword of Protection. Soon after they capture Adora and a monster attacks them, and Adora ends up taking the sword and transforming into She-Ra for the first time, described as a frightening woman with a cape. He believes that this counterpart may be useful after Adora has destransform, desperate to note that he is no longer the same, unlike Glimmer, who knows the usability of such a counterpart but does not want it to be distributed to such an enemy soldier. After Adora joins the Rebellion, Bow and Glimmer face new adventures with the friend.

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Glimmer is Bow's best friend and like of staying with each other. In the 1st episode, he tried to sneak Glimmer out when she's grounded, showing how their friendship is.

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