Catra is a Force Captain in the Horde and was Adora's best friend before her defecting to join the Rebellion. Though she initially desired to bring Adora back into the Horde, Catra realized that Adora's absence created the opportunity for her to step out of Adora's shadow and prove her strength and cunning. Ultimately, she casts aside her former friendship in favor of her newfound strength and achievements, basking in the glory she has attained without Adora's aid.


Catra has a very messy and brownish gray hair, she has reddish black cat ears. She wears a red cat-shaped mask: with two ends representing ears and two holes representing the eyes, placed above her forehead. Catra has a dark red shirt with a layer of red breasts, she has a brown belt with the symbol of the Horde, and another belt, only thin. The feline wears a dark pink red pants with holes in the cocha and a hole in the knee and a hole in the heel and the area of the toes, where they reside dark gray claws. Catra also has a cat tail. She also has heterochromia, her right eye being blue and her left eye being yellow.



Powers and Abilities

Catra possesses many cat-like traits such as sharp claws, superior strength and enhanced agility. While she briefly wielded a stun baton against Adora, Catra mainly relies on her own natural abilities, using speed and agility to move around her opponents, catch them off guard, and get in close for quick attacks.


Past Edit

Catra was raised by Shadow Weaver, alongside Adora, since she was a child. The two friends made a pact to always watch each other's backs, that way nothing bad could really happen to them. Despite their close friendship and occasional rivalry, Catra harbored deep jealousy and resentment towards Adora over the favoritism clearly shown for her by Shadow Weaver and the perceived notion that she was nothing more than Adora's "sidekick". Catra kept her true feelings hidden from Adora and instead portrayed an uncaring attitude towards achievements like making Force Captain in order to hide her own insecurities.

Season 1 Edit

At first, Catra is shown to have a very close and playful relationship with Adora with a subtle rivalry beneath the surface. After Adora is promoted to a Force Captain, they sneak out of the Fright Zone in order to explore the world beyond. When Adora ventures out a second time on her own, Catra attempts to cover for her. Shadow Weaver discovers the truth and assigns Catra to bring Adora back. However, when the two friends reunite, Adora refuses to return and chooses to side with the Rebellion, much to Catra's anger and confusion. Despite Adora's offer to join her, Catra rejects it and returns with the Horde.

In Adora's absence, Catra is promoted to Force Captain and assigned to work with Force Captain Scorpia in assaults against the Rebellion and hinder their efforts at reforging the Princess Alliance. During Princess Frosta's Princess Prom, Catra convinces Scorpia, who is also a Princess albeit shunned by the rest of the Princess community, to attend and take her as her guest. During the party, Catra takes advantage of Adora's narrow focus by distracting her, allowing Scorpia to set their secret plan into motion, which results in them successfully kidnapping Glimmer and Bow as well as stealing the Sword of Protection.

During a rescue attempt, Adora surrenders herself in order to save Glimmer. To Catra's dismay, Shadow Weaver voices her intent to demote Catra and replace her with Adora, once the latter's memories have been erased. Adora and Glimmer are able to escape, however, and Catra returns the Sword to Adora, allowing them to escape.

However, Catra and Scorpia later discover that Princess Entrapta was accidentally left behind from the rescue effort. Though the others believed Entrapta had perished, Catra manipulates Entrapta, who remains unaware of the former fact, that her friends had abandoned her and realizes Entrapta's potential usefulness upon seeing her technical skills first hand. In order to acquire First One technology for Entrapta to study, Catra ventures into the Whispering Woods and finds a First One site just as Adora arrives herself.

Catra stealthily follows Adora through the facility before stealing a data crystal, which sets off the alarms. Spider-like machines attack and pursue Catra, viewing her as an intruder, despite Adora's attempts to intervene and protect her. As they struggle to find a way out of the citadel, the technology simulates memories of their childhood before their eyes. During this, Catra angrily admits that she always lied about not caring about making Force Captain and had always resented Adora for being Shadow Weaver's "favorite" and always in the spot light. She admits that she only returned the Sword to help them escape because she didn't want Adora to return to the Horde and end up being stuck in Adora's shadow once again. After being briefly separated, Catra comes upon Adora hanging off the edge of a gorge and her Sword out of reach. As she picks up the Sword, Catra muses that the Sword would surely not work for her, since she is not "special" like Adora. Despite Adora's pleas for help, Catra instead stands over her, confessing that she has realized that Adora leaving was the best thing that ever happened to her, as it has allowed her to become stronger than anyone could have predicted. She uses the Sword to slice the webbing Adora clings to, while remarking over how much she could have accomplished had she gotten rid of Adora much sooner, before tossing the Sword into the gorge and leaving her former best friend to her fate.

Upon returning to the Fright Zone, Catra gives the data crystal to Entrapta, allowing her to study it and work on integrating First One technology with their own. Hordak catches wind of this and, intrigued, gives Catra and her team his blessing to experiment on the Black Garnet runestone, much to Shadow Weaver's outrage. After a brief battle, Catra is able to defeat Shadow Weaver and activate their machine, causing catastrophic global weather phenomenons. Catra uses this opportunity to launch an attack on Bright Moon in order to destroy their runestone. She once again manipulates Adora into focusing solely on her rather than the important parts of the battle, however, Catra's army is defeated by the arrival of the Princess Alliance.

Despite their loss, Catra tells Hordak that she accomplished more and got closer to destroying Bright Moon than any other Force Captain and that her efforts have severely hindered the Rebellion's fortifications. Additionally, Entrapta knows more about First One tech than ever. Hordak, pleased and intrigued, promotes Catra as his second-in-command.