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Entrapta is the princess of Dryl and a member of the Princess Alliance in the Rebellion.


Has Purple Prehensile Hair, Big Shoes (Red and Silver) and Purple Pants and has Dark Purple Gloves. She has a White Half Shirt covered a little dust. Has a Mask with a Dark Purple Color with Bright Red Eyes.


Entrapta's Personalities

  • Very Curious
  • Smart
  • Outstanding
  • Optimistic
  • Clumsy
  • Loyal
  • Kind


Friends -

  • Adora (She-Ra)
  • Glimmer
  • Bow
  • Perfuma
  • Mermista
  • Sea Hawk
  • Netossa
  • Spinnerella
  • Catra (Maybe)
  • Scorpia (Eh... Only because she got lost!)

Powers and Abilities

Prehensile Hair

Super Smart

Technological Genius

Knowledge of the First Ones


Past Edit

Season 1 Edit


She was mistaken to be dead when they tried saving Bow and Glimmer.

She helped the Horde by hacking Etheria.

She only eats tiny-sized food and drinks fizzy juice.

She gets lost easily.


Episode 5 "System Failure" - A pig. So cute.