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Glimmer excited chating with Adora and Bow
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Glimmer is one of the main characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is the princess of Bright Moon and a leader in the Rebellion. She later co-founds the Princess Alliance with Adora. She is also the best friend of Bow.


Glimmer is a short and stocky girl with short pink and purple hair in a choppy bob. She wears a dark purple sleeveless leotard with shorts under a light purple tunic with a blue diamond clasp. She also wears matching purple boots with white moons on the front, light blue wings, toe boxes, and heels. Besides this are her light blue fingerless gloves, with a long white glove on her left arm. She also wears a sparkling blue cape, which comes from a circular closure on her left arm.


She is short tempered and often quite stubborn. Glimmer is also shown to be quite the rebel as she often disobeys her mother Angella even when grounded she act's against her mother's wishes. her rebellious personality has manifests itself in the form of impulsiveness as she often act's without thinking which lands her in trouble with her Mother or on the battlefield.

Glimmer in general has shown to be a kind, enthusiastic and supportive individual who is a very loyal friend to the people she befriends and is willing to accept consequence to protect other's an example is when Shadow Weaver attempted erase Adora's memories Glimmer forced herself to teleport to save Adora which lead her power's to glitch and cause her pain.

Glimmer has shown to doubt herself when she realize's what her what her impulsive approach get's her and needs other's to reassure her as she admits she feel's that other's don't take her seriously.

Described by her Mother Glimmer is impulsive, hot-headed and stubborn but brave as she is willing to stand by her friends and fight despite her what her circumstances are.


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Glimmer and Bow are best friends and often accompany each other on missions the two have seem to have a close relationship and find a source of comfort within each other.

Angella Edit

Glimmer and Angella have a very up and down Mother-Daughter relationship as Glimmer often argues with her Mother over their different approaches on how to fight the horde where as Glimmer suggest they fight the horde Her mother suggest they protect themselves which often leads to conflict between the two. never the less Glimmer dose love her mother and dose want her mother to trust in her.


Horsey/Swift wind

The Horde

Powers and Abilities

Teleportation: Glimmer is able to teleport for one place to another and is able to teleport other people with her how ever teleportation three people dose seem to take a toll on her as she passes out from the strain it put's on her.

Energy Blasts: Glimmer is able to shoot blasts of energy at her opponents.

Sparkle Powers: Glimmer's Sparkle power seems to revolve around light as she is able to produce spheres of light to act as a torch to light up a cave and even increases it's size to make it shine brighter. She is also able to fire a blast of sparkles at her opponents to temporally blind them.


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