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Swift Wind, formerly known as Horsey, is Adora's alicorn.



Horsey has light brown skin with light beige muzzle, with brown hooves. The steed has maple-colored mane with a pretty fringe. Its short tail has three gold ring-like fasteners, which are decorated, and the horse has brown eyes.

Swift WindEdit

Already Swift Wind, has yellowish white skin, with pink orange hooves, wings of yellow, orange, shock, navy blue, purple, light purple, blue and turquoise colors. The beautiful horse also has a yellow and yellow-orange horn, a mane with rosy orange, orange and light orange highlights and blue-purple eyes.



Powers and Abilities


Past Edit

Season 1 Edit

Horsey was an ordinary steed who aided the Rebellion. After Adora settles down at Crystal Castle before her performance, the former servant of the Horde walks up to the horse and tries to impress him with her transformation into She-Ra. But she can not, as She-Ra must probably appear only at really important moments, and Horsey then turns around without interest in the girl. Then Adora tries and tries, until the Sword of Protection shines and begins to release rays to all sides. One of them ends up hitting the steed, and all the lightning strikes, and then Horsey gains a new colored mane, two beautiful wings and a horn of unicorn, thus becoming Swift Wind.